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October 2019 Campaign Summary – za'atar ngo

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are thrilled to announce the results of our October campaign, Home With Jimin, benefiting the Za'atar NGO in honour of Jimin's birthday!

Za'atar NGO's mission is to provide a safe space for refugees to rest, learn, feel empowered and grow. They believe in empowerment, and have refugees cook, clean, teach and attend classes to prepare for their future—whether that future is living independently in Greece or in another country after reunification or relocation. Their main project – the Orange House – helps people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. They also have special programs that provide support to women, children, single parents and members of the LGBTQ community.

During the month of October, 225+ ARMY from 31+ countries were able to raise €5452 (approximately $6007 USD) in honour of Jimin's birthday! This will help Za'atar NGO provide refugees with language tutors, vocational training, asylum applications, vital renovations for the Orange House, and to help in the establishment of small businesses that will help the refugees towards their goals of self-sufficiency!

As with all the birthdays in the 2019/2020 birthday season, ARMY voted for the cause they wanted us to support for Jimin's birthday. A significant portion of ARMY (38.4% of the 643 respondents) wanted to support shelters and orphanages, but 26.3% wanted to support an organization that focused on education. Luckily, Za'atar NGO fits in both those categories as education is part of the core program at the Orange House shelter!

Our friends at Za'atar NGO have sent a letter to Jimin and Big Hit Entertainment letting them know all the fantastic work you've done this month! As always, please feel free to download this letter and keep a copy for yourself if you donated, participated in the bonus mission, or even just shared the campaign – every little bit helps!

But the letter from Za'atar NGO isn't the only letter we received this month!

Last year, Jimin released his song Promise to share a message of self-love for himself and for ARMY. For the (non-monetary) October Bonus Mission, we invited ARMY to make a promise to themselves. The promise(s) could be anything that would help ARMY on their journey to becoming their light and their night.

The promises will then be returned to ARMY on our website in a year's time (Chuseok 2020) for ARMY to see if they've kept their promise. On the submission page, we gave ARMY the option to have their promise revealed anonymously, or not revealed at all. We also gave ARMY the option to post their promise(s) on their social media accounts using the tag #ARMYsPromise. Like Jimin, we just wanted to encourage ARMY to love themselves however they were most comfortable!

After submitting their promises, ARMY were gifted a little bonus from our design team.

We also invited ARMY to help Chimmy on a special mission. ARMY were encouraged to write lyrics of self-love, comfort, strength, and positivity. Those lyrics were turned into a new song, set to the tune of Promise, called ARMY's Promise. Here's an example of one of the songs ARMY wrote!

You can generate your own song by following this link.

And because we weren't busy enough, we continued the We Purple Earth project in the 48-hours surrounding Jimin's birthday.

During Jimin's 48-hour donation window, more than 300 ARMY joined us to plant 4000 trees! ARMY voted for One Tree Planted to plant the trees in Indonesia to combat the devastation caused by multiple fires.

We had so much fun celebrating Jimin's birthday with ARMY! Thank you all for making Home With Jimin a great success for Za'atar NGO and all the refugees they support!


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