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September 2022 Part 2 Campaign Summary - Suku Mentawai Cultural Education Foundation

Updated: May 1, 2023

Originally summarized on Twitter. One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our second September 2022 flash campaign, Reconnect With RM, benefiting the Suku Mentawai Cultural Education Foundation in honour of Namjoon's birthday!

Suku Mentawai, which translated into English means Indigenous Mentawai or Mentawai clans-people, works in support of their Indigenous community’s desire to re-establish connection with their Mentawai cultural and ecological education. Their mission is to improve long-term health and wellbeing by supporting the integration of indigenous knowledge and understanding within the day-to-day education of the local Mentawai community.

For this campaign 394 ARMY raised $9,555! This will help the Suku Mentawai Cultural Education Foundation develop their Yayasan Pendidikan Budaya Mentawai program in 9 Mentawai cultural schools for 1 year, forming a new school in December 2022, and launching their plant book in October 2022!

Our friends at the Suku Mentawai Cultural Education Foundation have sent a letter to BTS and Big Hit to let them know about how much ARMY helped this month. They also sent us a performance video to show us what some of their students have been learning.

Thank you to all the ARMY who donated or spread the word about the campaign! You made Namjoon's birthday something special!


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