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Side Projects

We know first hand that ARMY's capacity to do good is incredible. In fact, there's so much enthusiasm for charity and volunteer work that ARMYs have sent us requests for other projects they can participate in besides our monthly campaigns. Below is a list of side projects the One In An ARMY team has researched and created tutorials for. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


ShareTheMeal is a crowdfunding app that lets users donate to specific United Nations World Food Programme projects. In July 2018, One In An ARMY created a team on the app and started the #EatJinChallenge. Since then, the team has been featured as a top fundraiser and was even given a shout-out on #TeamTuesday. You can check out our past challenges by clicking on the links below. Donations are ongoing, so download the app for iOS or Android and follow our tutorial to start giving!


Freerice is an ad-supported website that lets you play games and earn grains of rice for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). It's also available for iOS and Android devices. Players select a category and take multiple choice quizzes. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to WFP.


One In An ARMY have been fans of Freerice since the end of 2018 and we issued our first call-out for ARMY players in May, 2019. As always, ARMY enthusiastically took up the call (occasionally causing a few hiccups along the way) and the BTS ARMY group has been #1 on the Leaderboard for Top Groups since September, 2019. One In An ARMY has facilitated several Freerice challenges (linked below) and encourages active participation regularly. If you'd like to create an account and help contribute rice to people in need, follow our sign-up instructions and get playing!

Info Threads and Statements

One In An ARMY is frequently asked support a specific project or cause. We read every tweet/DM/email and respond to each request the best way we can. A simple share request, like asking us to share your gofundme or fundraiser, is evaluated by all team members using criteria you can find listed on our FAQ in #16 and #20. 


Our Research Team evaluates every suggested organization ARMY suggest for our campaigns. Every organization suggested to us is added to our masterlist. If the organization fits our guidelines (#20 in the FAQ) it's sorted into the appropriate category and considered for future campaigns. If you contact us about a crisis situation, we are likely unable to organize a campaign about it (see #18 in the FAQ) but if there's enough information, our Research Team will write an info thread and provide links to organizations that provide tangible services in the affected region. The following are crisis situations we've written info threads on as well as statements on organizations we've been repeatedly asked to work with.

Hashtag and retweet Project

Twitter is ARMY's playground, so it makes sense that ARMY has been super successful at hashtag sharing campaigns. Below is a list of 3rd party campaigns ARMY have helped to meet their fundraiser goal (please note that none of these projects were organized by One In An ARMY - we just shared info tweets!)​

Seasonal Projects

In December 2018, we decided to try something a little different. In addition to Seokjin's birthday campaign and bonus mission, we started a seasonal challenge called ARMY Share The Warmth. Instead of focusing on a specific non-profit, we challenged ARMY all over the world to connect with local homeless shelters, find out what items were in high demand, and then donate those items along with a pre-written note. The campaign is still ongoing – find out more on our website, on Twitter or by checking out #ARMYShareTheWarmth!

ARMY Doing Charity

One In An ARMY was by no means the first or only group of BTS fans to run charity projects. We try and share news of other ARMY projects whenever they come across our timeline, but in case you missed some, here's a masterlist of every ARMY charity project shared with us since December 2015!

If you organized/know of a project we missed, please email us or send us a DM on Twitter with a link to the project!

If you're the type of person who prefers visuals, you can view our ARMY charity projects map! To view the map in full and sort projects by continent or year, click 'view larger map' in the top right corner. If you ran an ARMY charity project by yourself or with a fanbase and would like to add it to our map, please fill out this form.


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One In An ARMY is a fan collective comprised of volunteers around the globe. Driven by our shared interest in global superstars, BTS, and the idea of using our collective power for global good, we seek out non-profit organizations worldwide and harness the power of ARMY into giving micro-donations over a one month period. Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.

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