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June 2022 Campaign Summary - ARMY For Earth

Updated: May 1, 2023

Originally summarized on Twitter. One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our June 2022 campaign, ARMY For Earth, benefiting 6 different NGOs in honour of BTS' 9th anniversary!

The 6 NGOs that were part of this campaign were:

Danyadara: By cultivating an abundant food forest on our grounds, Danyadara demonstrates how to generate healthy soil and provide a cost-effective model for local farmers to employ in order to reinvest in their farms. Through our projects, they create models for repairing desertification and offer viable solutions this natural disaster mushrooming across Iberia at an alarming speed.

Kaicycle: Are on a mission to see communities recycling their organic waste and growing nutrient-dense food. Kaicycle Composting takes compostable scraps from homes, offices and small businesses and recycles them into living compost. They offer a bicycle-powered compost collection service that operates in Wellington City and the surrounding suburbs and they are beginning to offer a compost drop-off service for homes.

CREATE!: Using a participatory approach and appropriate technologies, CREATE! develops self-sufficiency projects in Senegal in partnership with rural communities, working closely with them to identify and meet their needs. These projects are organized into four core project sectors: water, cooperative community gardens, renewable energy, and income generation.

Himalayan Permaculture Centre: Is a grass roots non-government organisation (NGO) set up by trained and motivated farmers from Surkhet district (Mid-Western Nepal) in 2010 to implement regenerative and sustainable rural development programs in Nepal. In addition to its farming-related activities they also works in the health, education (schools and adult literacy) and livelihood sectors because of their connection with its agro-ecological strategies.

Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance: Are an organization dedicated to restoring the food systems that support Indigenous self-determination, wellness, cultures, values, communities, economies, languages, and families while rebuilding relationships with the land, water, plants, and animals that sustain us.

Alternativas: Implements a series of projects and actions centered on improving food security and guaranteeing the universal right to food. They spearhead and develop innovative food policies, implement urban food gardens, conduct trainings on urban agriculture and work alongside teachers to design educational material on food security.

For this campaign 336 ARMY raised $10,435! This will help the NGOs do the following:

Dayandara: Some of the funds will go (in this first stage of enhancing our water management system) to hire experts on the topic so they could have a better idea of what could be the best way to create a body of water in their land.

Kaicycle: The funds will be going towards building Kaicycle's capacity to deliver on our urban community food resilience goals by supporting our education and outreach programme. The programme includes:

  • running accessible workshops to upskill the local community on things like DIY seed trays and propagation, bed prep and polycropping, foliar feeding/ biological brews, composting and seed saving

  • hosting community food events for Matariki (winter solstice) and summer solstice to increase awareness about seasonal food and food resilience

  • hosting special farm events for our neighbours who include an early childhood centre, a dementia unit and an alcohol and addiction centre.

CREATE!: The funds that ARMY raised will help them support their reforestation program that happens annually during the rainy season in all our partner communities. The $1500 ARMY raised will be used in buying some of the nursery equipment needed for planting trees (shovels, rakes, etc.) and in also transporting the saplings to the communities where they will be planted. They have an active campaign for this reforestation project running on GlobalGiving.

Himalayan Permaculture Centre: From the top of the world, the Himalayan Permaculture Centre sends immense gratitude for the work BTS and One In An Army has done to support their work in bringing permaculture and regenerative development to remote rural areas of Nepal. They feel honoured and privileged to have been chosen for this support and will reflect this in the work that they do in farming, health, education and livelihoods, and will send us updates on how the work is progressing. Meanwhile they wish ARMY all the success in continuing our initiatives so that other worthy causes can benefit as well. THANK YOU!

Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance: These donations will enable the team to continue to weave connections between Native farmers, chefs, and food businesses as we work at the forefront of the growing Indigenous food sovereignty movement. Since their organization began, their mission has been to support Native communities nationally with advocacy, education, and networking as they revitalize their Indigenous food systems. This year, they will continue rebuilding our relational Indigenous foodways through supporting the development of regional Intertribal cooperative seed hubs, seed rematriation efforts, and food and culinary mentorship programming. Alternativas: The funds will be used to help them continue to diversify the biodiversity in our garden location which entails purchasing enriched soil, seeds and seedlings. Also, hosting workshops and trainings with citizens who are interested in urban agriculture or caring for the environment.

In addition to supporting organizations that assist in food security, ARMY were encouraged to work on improving their local ecosystems through the bonus mission, Seeds of Hope.

As with any environmental campaign, we always encourage ARMY to read our Environmental Advocacy Backgrounder to learn about individual action they can take to combat climate change.

Thank you ARMY for celebrating BTS' 9th anniversary by helping people around the world become food secure!


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