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July 2019 Campaign Summary - Pets for the elderly

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our July 2019 campaign, ARMY For The Elderly, benefiting Pets for the Elderly!

Pets for the Elderly (P4TE) facilitates companionship for senior individuals through pet ownership by aiding them in adopting animals in shelters. This is a mutually beneficial partnership as both humans and animals can suffer from loneliness (and the negative health effects loneliness brings). P4TE has a research section on their website where you can learn more about the positive health benefits of pet ownership.

ARMY For The Elderly campaign results $2,268.00

168 ARMY raised $2,268 USD in the month of July. That means ARMY facilitated at least 45 adoptions, and changed the lives of at least 90 seniors and animals!

All the non-profits we work with are impressed with how enthusiastic ARMY are, but Executive Director Susan Kurowski sent us an a note of appreciation to share with all of you:

"You have certainly changed my awareness, as I traveled recently, and sat next to a young person on my flight who was watching BTS videos! I never would have paid a bit of attention, before this campaign. I've also touted how positive you are to my adult children, and my young granddaughters. The generosity, the love sent in some of the donation messages, have blown me away. Thank you for improving my own personal outlook!"

But that's not all! As always, One In An ARMY created a non-monetary Bonus Mission: GranpanARMY! ARMY were encouraged to show their love and appreciation for the elderly in their lives. Some of our suggestions were:

  • Giving your grandparents a call

  • Help an elderly neighbour with their groceries or other tasks

  • Visit a senior's center

  • Use Love for the Elderly to send a letter to an elder in need

As always, P4TE will be sending a certificate detailing all your hard work to BTS and Big Hit Entertainment. Thank you for once again banding together for good!

Yoongi hugging an elder


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