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July 2018 Campaign Summary - Thirst Relief

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Originally posted on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are proud to bring you the results of our July campaign, #ThirstRelief_July, benefiting Thirst Relief!

#ThirstRelief_July was a wild ride from start to finish. The One In An ARMY team thought we had things planned pretty well for the month; we even worked with a fan artist and came up with a cute little progress bar to keep things fun! Then ARMY went and smashed through the first goal (11 filters) IN 11 HOURS. Let's just say it was an interesting time on the team Discord. But onto the report!

Thirst Relief is an organization that provides clean water solutions for people without access in multiple countries. Lack of clean water negatively impacts life expectancy, health, sanitation, education, economy, etc. Something as simple as water filters can help. So ARMY provided some!

ARMY raised $3,412 from 215 individual donations in over 42+ countries. This provided 34 BioSand water filters which can save & improve the lives of over 300 people: for the next 25 years!

That is AMAZING, ARMY! Not only did we set and re-set and re-set our goals as you all kept breaking them (typical ARMY- breaking goals, records, expectations), but it caught the attention of Thirst Relief's people, who started wondering who exactly ARMY are. We may have told them a FEW things about the boys and about our ARMY family.

We also did something new this month! We incorporated a bonus mission - first introducing the cute Anpanman characters (thanks @y_y_twt!) then the Van adventure game, which was kind of a rush job, since ARMY reached goals we thought would take a week to raise in a few hours!

Using quizzes and artwork, ARMY navigated Van and the Anpanmen through their adventures! We hope the activity was fun, as well as educational about the water crisis problem for people around the globe (that ARMY was helping to address!)

Our original progress bar - based on past performance, we figured it would last a week. It lasted less than 12 hours!
The game (which is incredibly complicated on the back end) that the team assembled faster than the Avengers

Finally, we KNOW you want to know what's getting mailed out to BTS. Well, here it is! Thank you, Thirst Relief for helping us to demonstrate once again what ARMY can accomplish for others when we take after our boys and work together for a better world. A member of the Thirst Relief team even reached out to ARMY on Twitter from his personal account to say thank you (and BTS are tagged so who knows, they might see it :P). Good job, AnpanARMY! As always, feel free to print out this certificate and keep a copy for yourselves. This campaign belongs to everyone who helped to share, donate, or translate!


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