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Campaign 3 - Find Me Challenge


Join us every weekend in fun search challenges using Ecosia & Tab/Search For a Cause to donate to charity by spending a little bit of your time online to play fun challenges!


Tab/Search For a Cause


Tab For a Cause raises money for charity every time you open a new browser tab by displaying ads. All you have to do is add their browser extension and it will start collecting Hearts every time you open a tab. If you use our invitation link​, our team automatically gets 350 extra Hearts for every person that joins! You can also check if your participating regional fanbase has an invitation link you can use (see the list of fanbases below). Please note that Tab For a Cause is only available on PC.

Search for a Cause is a search engine that allows you to raise money for charity each time you search. The money is raised through ads included with the search results which display as Hearts that you can use to vote for an org, same as Tab for a cause.


The Hearts represent the percentage the org will receive from their monthly revenue. The org with most Hearts = the org that receives the biggest donation that month.



Ecosia is a search engine that earns money from clicks on the advertisements that appear beside the search results. It takes around 45 searches to finance the planting of one tree. Ecosia also has an iOS app and an Android app​.

Join The Challenge


There will be several challenges until BTS 7th Anniversary, hosted by different accounts all around the world. Join in on the fun by using charity search engines Ecosia & Tab/Search for a Cause.


Step 1) If you're on PC, install the extensions/add ons.

Step 2) Choose your search engine: Search for a Cause or Ecosia. Ecosia also has an iOS app and an Android app.

Step 3) Identify the challenge. They will be posted on Twitter by different every weekend, several times a day to make sure everyone can catch at least one game! It could be answering questions or finding pictures with the help of the search engines. 

Step 4) Find the answers to the challenges by using the search engines. If on PC, try to open a new tab for every search you're doing.

Step 5) Reply to the challenge tweet with your screenshots of finding the answer on the search engine together with the hashtag #7WithARMY and #FindMeBTS.

Step 6) Fill out our form so we can count your donation towards the project total!

Participating Fanbases






Dominican Republic












United Arab Emirates

United States of America


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