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Campaign 7 - Letters wITH lUV


During this time of social distancing it’s very important to reach out to those who might feel a little bit lonely. That’s why we have found a way to send cards and letters to patients at  hospitals, orphanages, elderly homes and even to health workers who are fighting against the COVID-19. The Letters With Luv project was made for you who are at home and would like to make someone else’s day better somehow in the middle of such a hard time! 


Share your creations on social media using #LettersWithLuv.​ Don't forget to fill out our form so we can count your donation towards the project total!



Feel free to use templates of cards and letters made by fanbases. They can be copied digitally or you can copy them by hand!




Please don’t forget that the notes, cards, letters and well-wishes should be general and uplifting.

In light of COVID-19, please do not lick the envelope to seal it. Use tape or stickers instead.


Paper Bridges


Paper Bridges is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the mental and emotional development of orphans around the world through empowering the community to take action. They send handwritten letters and emotional support to 29 orphanages in 18 countries (including China, Guatemala, Myanmar, Haiti, Nigeria, and more) to share love and hope, as well as create educational material, provide tutoring, and send care packages to orphans.


  • The letter can be written in any language.

  • If you’d like to be translated to English they can help you with that! 

  • Try to make the message between 100-500 words and keep the language relatively simple. 

  • Paper Bridges’ team will hand write and personalize each letter for the orphans, but you can do it yourself if you prefer.

  • Check out the “Write a Letter” section on their website to know exactly how to send it!


Children's Healing Art Project

Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) is an organization that provides in-and-out of hospitals interactive healing arts programs to children, teens and families affected by pediatric illness, disability or special need in Oregon. One In An ARMY previously ran a campaign that benefited CHAP called Heal With Taehyung to celebrate Taehyung's birthday during the 2018/2019 birthday season.


Since their activities are temporarily cancelled because of the social distancing duo to the COVID-19, they set up a google drive in which people can upload photos or videos of cards and letters being made for children at the hospital! You can:


  • Make a digital card.

  • Take a picture of a handmade card.

  • Make a video instead of writing a letter or a card.

  • Upload your content to Google Drive.

Love For The Elderly


Love for the Elderly (USA) is an organization committed to fostering a sense of belonging and hope in our older, often vulnerable generation. The organization will mail to senior facilities the handwritten letters sent to them with the goal of embracing with love those who need, especially during these uncertain times. 

  • Letters must be legible (Large print) and handwritten.

  • Avoid religion.

  • Exclude the date (month, day, year).

  • Embrace creativity.

  • Be kind and thoughtful.

  • Please put all letters in an envelope before sending (including postcards).

  • Check out the guidelines on their website before sending the letter so you know exactly how to do it! Make sure the content you wrote is appropriate to be sent!

Notes For Support

Notes For Support (USA) is an organization that prints and ships notes sent by people online to hospitals for free! Each note will be given to a health worker or a patient.


  • Be kind.

  • Don’t share personally identifiable information.

  • Address it to one person. Avoid writing “you guys”.

  • Send the letters here.


Love2Seniors (Belgium) is a solidarity movement with the elderly who cannot leave the homes in which they are currently confined/ isolated. The idea is simple: write a letter, send a drawing, communicate support to people you don't know but who need might need you. 


  • Post your letter / drawing / message in a self-adhesive envelope or closed with sticky paper (do not lick it).

  • Send your mail "To all residents of the home ..."

  • Mention #Love2seniors on the envelope: either next to the name of the nursing home, or on the back of the envelope.

  • Do a google search for nursing homes by region to find an address easily. Do not hesitate to send them the address to which you  sent your mail, so we can then start a list of those who already receive #Love2seniors letters.

  • Do not hesitate to send them your messages so that they publish them on their page. Your message could inspire others!

  • You can send your letter by mail or you can go put your letter directly in the nursing home mailbox, but please ensure you're abiding by local COVID-19 restrictions in mind!

Chokran Net


Chokran Net (Tunisia) is an organization for people to send encouragement messages/letters through their website to those who are in the medical field and are currently fighting against COVID-19.

Other Ways To Get Involved

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