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Campaign 6 - Give A Little Love Drive


With COVID-19 safety precautions put in place everywhere in the world, this project couldn’t be carried out as originally planned. However, many amazing fanbases found very creative alternatives; from donating to soup kitchens to collecting money to purchase goods and donate them themselves to Amazon wishlists from different NGOs. You can find out if there is a donating goods project in your area below.


Read all the information carefully before you donate and consider checking out the fanbases’ social media accounts for more info first. You can share your donations using #GiveALittleLoveDrive. Don't forget to fill out our form so we can count your donation towards the project total! Some fanbases have an additional form for you to fill out. Please read all donation instructions carefully as they differ between organiztions and fanbases. You can find a masterthread of the project and all participating fanbases on Twitter.


Safety Recommendations

  • Always make sure an adult, parent, or friend knows where you are and what you’re doing.

  • Stay in public places. Do not enter homes or private places.

  • Check local/government restrictions before leaving your house.

  • Check with the organization you’re donating to for the prerequisites they might have.

  • Be sure you’re donating to a reputable organization (if not using the organizations we recommend).

  • Call ahead to make an appointment for your donation.

  • Practice social distancing and stay safe.

  • Remember: safety first, safety second, coolness third!



OIAA never collects any money. We encourage donating to organizations directly. You can read our FAQ for more details behind our reasoning.


For this project, some fanbases will be personally collecting money, e.g. because they will purchase goods in your place as to not have too many people go outside during times of social distancing. They provided us sufficient receipts of previous personal fundraisers they held to prove that they will handle your money responsibly. Even so, we ask you to research as well as possible where your money will go and only donate when you feel it’s safe.

OIAA are not the ones collecting the money. We have only vetted the fanbases we list on social media and on our website. If you see a fanbase claiming to be part of our project but don't see them listed on this page or on social media, please contact us.

Participating Fanbases And Donation Type





  • 876_BTS - food, clothes, and toys




South Africa



United States of America


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