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Campaign 4 - Learn With ARMY


Originally this project was supposed to be a face-to-face volunteering in different areas of the globe, but due to the current situation we had to adapt to something that meets the safety requirements. With that in mind, and seeing the situation of billions of people who had their studies and work interrupted due to social distancing measures, we decided to launch an online class project in which ARMYs can volunteer to teach others some of their skills and knowledge in different subjects!


Virtual Classroom


We’ll be posting videos in a playlist on our YouTube channel every day!

The videos will include different subjects such as teaching fun choreography, workout routines, cooking tutorials, advice on different topics, and crafting videos.

You can share your reactions and post photos/videos of you learning the skills presented in the videos with #LearningWithARMY.


Submit A Video

Participation is open to all ARMYs! Please DM us on Twitter or send it via email. Once you've submitted your video, fill out our form so we can count your donation towards the project total! 

Suggested Topics

  • Drawing

  • Languages (ex: English, French, Portuguese, ASL, Korean sign language, Afrikaans etc)

  • Cooking  

  • Workout 

  • Crafting

  • Dance

  • Painting

  • Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)

  • Photography

  • Music(instruments production, singing etc)

  • Fashion

  • Yoga

  • Cinema

  • Theatre

  • Literature

  • Architecture

Learn With ARMY Video Tutorials

How to make a turtle by using origami - #LearningWithARMY
How to make a turtle by using origami - #LearningWithARMY
Play Video
How to draw Jimin with watercolors - #LearningWithARMY
Play Video
Black Swan Tutorial 2 - #LearningWithARMY
Play Video
PicsArt: a tutorial - #LearningWithARMY
Play Video

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