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April 2020 Campaign Summary – COVID-19 Relief

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are extremely proud to announce the results of our April campaign, Our Remedy Is ARMY, benefiting nine organizations!

April 2020 marked the 2 year anniversary of One In An ARMY's 1st campaign. But it also saw millions around the world affected by COVID-19.

Our Remedy Is ARMY followed a different format than our usual campaigns. We reached out to non-profits we worked with before and found that many of them were in dire need of donations. Groups of people that were already in precarious situations are extremely vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and are more likely to be hit harder with the economic fallout. Additionally, since One In An ARMY predominantly works with smaller non-profits, many of these organizations are facing staffing and supply shortages. These organizations play a vital role in keeping people and animals safe and healthy, physically and mentally.

The following is a list of the organizations we encouraged ARMY to donate to during Our Remedy Is ARMY. The links take you to the original campaign summaries for each organization:

During the month of April, 690 ARMY from 44+ countries were able to raise $11,559.10 USD for COVID-19 relief efforts!

Usually we ask each organization to send a letter to BTS via Big Hit Entertainment detailing your efforts. But due to COVID-19 mailing restrictions, we posted a summary of the campaign on Weverse instead.

Each organization has also given us a rough summary of what our donations will be funding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical Teams International: Preventing the spread of COVID-19 and supporting local health systems in responding to it by promoting good hygiene, shipping personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and re-purposing their Mobile Dental Vans in the US to serve as drive-thru screening sites.

Thirst Relief: To provide a safe way to wash their hands and help stop the spread of sickness in the homes of 120 at risk children that attend a school in Kampala, Uganda. They have no clean water at home, so they can't wash their hands and maintain hygiene, which is extremely important in the current situation.

Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission: The funds will help them maintain the basic necessities of the children in their care. They have been placed on mandatory quarantine by the government for the last 7 weeks, and KKOOM is concerned about the emotional well-being of the children (ranging from 1 1/2 to 19 years old).

MindLeaps: Due to the pandemic, dance classes have been put on hold. MindLeaps continues to provide life-saving stipends to their refugee dance teachers. In addition, they are coming up with a plan to continue to provide daily meals to their students at the Rwanda Center which, for many of them, is the only meal they receive daily.

Cuatro Por Venezuela: Help Venezuela to fight this very contagious disease by funding protective supplies for health workers, hand sanitizer, and soap. The health crisis in Venezuela has been ongoing since 2016 and they aren't prepared to deal with COVID-19. The shortage of medicine and medical supplies is devastating. They also lack access to clean water and basic hygiene products.

Purple Community Fund: COVID-19 has resulted in a 24/7 lock-down, with many families unable to work and earn money to buy food or medicine. PCF will provide people in the communities they serve with much needed life-saving supplies.

Children's Healing Art Project: CHAP staff are assembling CHAP art packs of healing art supplies for sick children with a note of encouragement to drop off at area hospitals and distributed by nurses. They are also working on how-to videos of creative art projects for children to do at home, as well as planning to use video conferencing with their Art Club children to interact and maintain their community.

Playing For Change Foundation: Your funds will help PFCF take the necessary measures to care for the population and health professionals in Argentina by purchasing supplies that allow the construction of protective masks and providing hygiene items.

100cameras: To help the situation in their unique way, 100cameras is creating an online resource to meet youth through remote learning. Inspired by their exceptional curriculum, the activities are specifically written to support children in their individual situations, be it challenges of isolation, or fear and anxiety in the current crisis. The experience will provide a new tool to learn how to express these feelings through photography and feel connected to others while also having fun.

Below are some thank you messages the organizations asked us to pass onto ARMY:

After BTS' appearance on The Late Late Show's special broadcast of Home Fest, ARMY showed interest in supporting the two organization featured on the show: the CDC Foundation and Feed The Children. Though they weren't officially tracked as part of Our Remedy Is ARMY, the BTS ARMY page on the CDC Foundation's website currently lists 827 donors with a total of $46,951! Ben Winston, the executive producer of The Late Late Show, also tweeted saying they received an email from Feed The Children thanking ARMY for their generosity.

Alongside our regular campaigns, we always create a non-monetary bonus mission for ARMY to contribute to the project without donating money. Due to worldwide lock downs, the importance of providing a way for ARMY to participate without donating was made even more clear.

As a result, we came up with ARMYing At Home. We recirculated several tutorials for apps and browsers ARMY can use for free such as:

  • Ecosia: a browser that uses ad revenue to combat deforestation.

  • Tab For A Cause: an extension that earns ad revenue for charities with every tab you open.

  • Amazon Smile: a feature that allows you to choose a charitable organization to support when you shop on Amazon.

  • Freerice: an educational game that uses ad revenue to donate grains of rice for every question you answer correctly.

We also created lists of free online and offline resources for ARMY experiencing financial or mental hardships as a result of being laid-off, living in isolation, or recovering from COVID-19.

Later in the month, we teamed up with BTSYouniverseTN to host #ARMYCharityCon: a Freerice challenge that let ARMY earn digital goodies to accompany BTS' Bang Ban Con while earning food for those in need.

April 2020 was a challenging month for a multitude of reasons. We'd like to echo the words of thanks from the organizations ARMY helped this month; thank you so much to everyone who shared our campaign, participated in the bonus mission, ARMY Charity Con, and/or donated to one or more organizations. No contribution is too small. It's heartwarming to see ARMY helping others while we're all living through hard times. Efforts like this show that ARMY truly is our remedy.


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