Let's spread the joy and make people smile the way Hobi always makes us smile!

Step 1: Find a creative way to make someone smile

  • Smile at everyone

  • Give compliments

  • Say "thank you"

  • Leave kind notes

  • Tell a joke

  • Spend time with others

  • Give your family member/friend a call

  • Surprise someone with a gift

  • Send supportive texts

Step 2: Give them a Sunshine Card and ask them to scan the QR code or go to oneinanarmy.com/secretsmiles

Sunshine Cards can be physical (printed or handmade with your own design) or digital, to be sent or scanned from your phone. Find our pre-made cards here!


Grow your garden by colouring a petal or adding a sticker for each person you make smile. You can download or print off your own garden here.

Share your garden and the ways you made people smile using #HOPEfulSmiles. Let's create many colourful gardens we can create and see how far our Sunshine Cards can reach!