Let's spread the joy and make people smile the way Hobi always makes us smile!

Step 1: Find a creative way to make someone smile

  • Smile at everyone

  • Give compliments

  • Say "thank you"

  • Leave kind notes

  • Tell a joke

  • Spend time with others

  • Give your family member/friend a call

  • Surprise someone with a gift

  • Send supportive texts

Step 2: Give them a Sunshine Card and ask them to scan the QR code or go to oneinanarmy.com/secretsmiles

Sunshine Cards can be physical (printed or handmade with your own design) or digital, to be sent or scanned from your phone. Find our pre-made cards here!

Grow your garden by colouring a petal or adding a sticker for each person you make smile. You can download or print off your own garden here.

Share your garden and the ways you made people smile using #HOPEfulSmiles. Let's create many colourful gardens we can create and see how far our Sunshine Cards can reach!


One In An ARMY is a fan collective of volunteers around the globe. Driven by our shared interest in global superstars, BTS, and the idea of using our collective power for global good, we seek out non-profit organizations worldwide and harness the power of ARMY into giving micro-donations over a one month period. Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.

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