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Seed of Hope

Besides donating, we all can do something to protect our environment! Here are some things you could do this month to celebrate BTS' anniversary together with the wonderful world around us:

  • Collect trash around your town and share a before/after picture of the area with us!

  • Show us an item you upcycled!

  • Plant seeds or a plant and show us a photo!

  • Share what eco-friendly items you use. Maybe you can inspire someone!

Share them with #SeedOfHope to encourage others to try out some new things as well.

Tips for planting seeds

  • Choose plants that are native to your area or that can thrive and grow in the climate and space you're planting in

  • If you are unsure, ask in your local gardening centre!

  • If you don't have a garden, potted plants for outdoor or indoor could be an option

  • You could also check if there is a community garden in your area

Environmental Advocacy Backgrounder

While individual actions are an important part to contribute to the bigger picture, there are a lot of things that can't be solved by them. That's why we decided to bring back our Environmental Advocacy Backgrounder from We Purple Earth.

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