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Promises Returned

In December 2018, Jimin released his song Promise to share a message of self-love for himself and for ARMY.

In October 2019, we invited ARMY to take inspiration from Jimin and write promises to themselves. ARMY had the option to reveal their promise, reveal it anonymously, or not reveal it at all. One In An ARMY promised to store and release ARMY's promises for Chuseok 2020.

In 2020, the world was faced with a pandemic which intensified existing inequalities and changed the world forever. It's an unprecedented situation that disrupted the hopes and dreams of billions.


With that in mind, please don't feel badly if you weren't able to keep your promise this year. Change is a marathon, not a sprint, and we were all hit with setbacks. The fact that you're still here and trying shows resilience and commitment to your promise.


We're all in this together. So, it's time we revisit the promises we made to ourselves!

Promises with Names

Promises Made Anonymously

Remember, it's okay even if your promise makes you feel sad or regretful about things that couldn't happen this year. You're still here. And BTS and ARMY are here with you. If you feel like you want someone to talk to, please reach out to BTS_AHC who are happy to listen or can help put you in touch with mental health services in your area.

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