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September 2020 Campaign Summary - Barefoot College

Updated: May 14, 2021

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our September 2020 campaign, Barefoot With Namjoon, benefiting Barefoot College in honour of Namjoon's birthday!

The result of a close poll saw ARMY voting for education as the theme for Namjoon's birthday flash fundraiser.

Barefoot College operates in 1,300 villages in 80 countries worldwide. The impact of direct training and services ripples out to impact about two million people, giving communities access to clean water and safe, reliable energy. One In An ARMY's project was to assist Barefoot College in India with their Digital Night Schools, which aim to make education more accessible for rural, remote, and underprivileged children with daytime obligations that prevent them from attending school during regular class hours.

In 5 days, 1480 ARMY raised $25,170! That's enough to fund 125 technical devices, train 100 teachers, OR set up nearly 3 Night Schools!

As always, a letter detailing your hard work has been sent to Namjoon and Big Hit Entertainment!

Along with the 5 day flash fundraiser, we also introduced the September challenge for Journey to ARMYtopia, the non-monetary bonus mission we're running alongside all the birthday flash fundraisers.

ARMY were invited to complete a Freerice challenge to help BT21 advance on their quest to reach ARMYtopia. In the first 9 days of the challenge, ARMY played enough games to earn 868,670 grains of rice for the United Nations World Food Program! That brought the BTS ARMY team total to over 70M grains, which means ARMY has provided more than 1 TON of rice to people in need!

Thank you ARMY for helping Barefoot College continue bringing education to rural communities with Namjoon's birthday campaign, and thank you for going above and beyond for the September edition of Journey to ARMYtopia!


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