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September 2018 Campaign Summary – Gili Eco Trust

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our second birthday campaign, Rebuild With Namjoon, benefiting Gili Eco Trust in honour of Namjoon's birthday!

Following hot on the heels of August’s campaign for Jungkook’s birthday, September’s campaign supported Gili Eco Trust, an organization committed to restoring the reefs and protecting the environment in the beautiful Gili Islands of Indonesia! Originally, this non-profit was chosen out of respect for Namjoon’s love of nature and sea critters. Unfortunately, shortly after we arranged a plan to work with Gili Eco Trust, the area was hit by a series of earthquakes, causing massive damage and prompting an evacuation.

Normally, One In An ARMY doesn’t arrange campaigns around crisis situations (for reasons listed in our FAQ). However, after talking amongst ourselves and with the volunteers in Discord, all of us agreed that we should continue the plan to support Gili Eco Trust. This means that not ARMY's support was able to benefit two causes in one month: continuing to help environmental efforts around preserving marine life, and aiding in the cleanup of the Gili Islands! The cleanup itself also had a direct impact on helping the environment, as natural disasters bring all kinds of debris and chemical spills into the water table and ocean.

Our contact at Gili Eco Trust was so touched at the strong show of support from ARMY that they sent us a video to show how the recovery efforts were progressing.

Alongside the main Rebuild With Namjoon campaign, we also ran a bonus mission: Koya’s Clean Earth, to encourage ARMY to have some fun while reducing their own carbon footprint. ARMYs were challenged to complete 3 different BINGO cards as they completed eco-friendly tasks alongside their very own Kim Daily (generously donated by numberjoon).

In total, over the month of September Gili Eco Trust collected $20,000 in donations from around the world – with 1/5th of that total coming directly from ARMY! In 30 days, 276 ARMY from 45 countries donated $3927.65!

Gili Eco Trust sent an email to BigHit Entertainment and BTS thanking them for their positive influence that prompted ARMY to help Rebuild With Namjoon. They even invited the members to visit Gili and see what ARMYs did!

They also attached this certificate, and as always the OIAA team encourages you to print off a copy for yourself. It was all due to ARMYs sharing, donating, and cheering the campaign along that we were all able to make such a big difference to the people and environment on the Gili Islands.

Thank you for making the second birthday campaign such a success!


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