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May/June 2020 Campaign Summary - 7 With ARMY

Updated: May 19, 2021

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are proud to bring you the results of our May/June 2020 campaign, 7 With ARMY!

This campaign was unlike anything that One In An ARMY had done before. Working with 90+ fanbases around the world, One In An ARMY organized a 7 part project that spanned 2 months to celebrate BTS' 7th anniversary while giving back to those in need.

The central element of the campaign was a donation drive. After consulting with our partner fanbases and with ARMY via poll, we decided our main fundraiser would benefit the Global Food Banking Network (GFBN). Their mission is "to alleviate global hunger by collaborating to develop food banks in communities where they are needed and by supporting food banks where they exist."

Over the course of two months, 270 ARMY raised $7,770 USD which can provide 41,550 meals to food banks around the world!

As always, a letter detailing the good work of ARMY has been sent to BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

Due to the extended length of the campaign and the desire to include as many ARMY as possible (as well as wanting to celebrate the power of 7) there were 6 additional parts to 7 With ARMY. These 6 additional projects were run thanks to help from fanbases all around the world.

#AnpanVanARMY gave ARMY a new Freerice challenge to assist Van to deliver food packages around the world. Freerice is an ad-supported website/app that lets you play games and earn grains of rice for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

#FindMeBTS challenged ARMY to participate in weekly scavenger hunts using Tab for a Cause, Search for a Cause, and Ecosia. User traffic on all three platforms generates ad-revenue which is then donated to charity (Ecosia donates specifically to reforestation efforts).

#LearningWithARMY was originally supposed to be a face-to-face worldwide volunteering project, but due to the pandemic we had to adapt to something to meet safety requirements. Seeing the situation of millions of people who had their studies and work interrupted due to physical distancing measures, we decided to launch an online class project which allowed ARMY to share their passions through video tutorials!

The videos covered a variety of subjects and included piano lessons, cooking tutorials, music production sessions, Korean lessons, and more. All the videos are available on One In An ARMY's YouTube channel.

#AnpanARMYDrive encouraged ARMY to follow in the footsteps of Anpanman and donate a part of themselves to those in need. Working with local fanbases, we came up with a list of reputable organizations to give blood, hair, and voice donations.

#GiveALittleLoveDrive was also planned as an offline project, but with the help of local fanbases, we turned it into an online project with safety measures in place for the offline components. Local fanbases collected food, hygiene items, clothes, toys, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and household items which were delivered to orphanages, senior centers, and other facilities.

#LettersWithLuv invited ARMY to send physical and digital letters to children in orphanages, seniors, people staying in hospitals, and healthcare workers on the front line of the fight against COVID-19. The letters were intended to brighten the lives of the recipients, who may have been feeling extra isolated or stressed during the pandemic.

7 With ARMY was a campaign like no other. Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of ARMY who voluntarily run fanbases around the world, we mobilized on a scale unlike anything we'd ever seen before, and celebrated 7 years of BTS with 7 projects to giveback. Thank you ARMY. You proved once again why you deserve the title AnpanARMY.

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