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May 2018 Campaign Summary - Syria Care

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

It's with great pleasure that One In An ARMY present the results of our May campaign, #RamadanInSyria_May, with Syria Care!

Syria Care is a Malaysia-based organization that has been working to provide assistance to Syrian refugees & war survivors since the crisis began. As many Syrians are Muslims, the observation of Ramadan is an important event even in the midst of the tragic situations they face. Volunteers from Syria Care (many of whom are fasting themselves) spent their days, preparing meals for Syrians without access to food security or sometimes even the means to prepare meals themselves.

The BTS ARMY stepped up as usual and made us proud! ARMY in 18 different countries - even in the midst of the very expensive comeback & tour ticket season - raised RM 3,151.19 to pay for Ramadan meals for Syrian refugees!

That means that in the month of May, ARMY donated enough to provide 211 individual meals. This means:

  • Over 21 Syrian families were provided with a meal thanks to ARMY OR

  • 7 people provided with a meal each day for the entire 30 days of Ramadan!

All ARMY who donated, shared, or worked on the campaign should feel very proud of themselves! You made a difference by providing much-needed food to Syrian people. For them, Ramadan is a time of faith, self-reflection and showing compassion for those less fortunate than yourself, and you have done a great job in helping to uphold those ideals on their behalf!

And finally, Syria Care has provided us with this certificate, in recognition of BTS for serving as the inspiration, and you, ARMY, for taking their words and ideals to heart to help others. The certificate was mailed to Big Hit Entertainment at the end of Ramadan.


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