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June 2021 Campaign Summary - Women's Microfinance Initiative

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our June 2021 campaign, Butter Lives With ARMY, benefiting Women's Microfinance Initiative in honour of BTS' eighth anniversary!

Women's Microfinance Initiative's mission is to establish village-level loan hubs, administered by local women, to provide capital, training and support services to rural women in the lowest income brackets in East Africa so that they can engage in income producing activities. They have developed a unique economic model to transition women to institutional banking and the formal economy in 24-months. Loan funds are recycled so that the program becomes self-sustaining.

In the month June ARMY from 39+ countries raised $8,800! This will help 50-55 borrowers obtain microloans of $135 (on average)!

Our friends at Women's Microfinance Initiative have sent a letter to BTS and Big Hit to let them know about how much ARMY helped this month. Women's Microfinance Initiatives were so touched by the comments ARMY made with their donations that they wanted to share them with us!

While the main campaign allowed ARMY to help women-led small businesses grow, the bonus mission Grow With ARMY challenged ARMY to develop new skills and take on new tasks.

The challenge was divided into three themes: body, mind, and soul. Each theme lasted a week and ARMY were encourage to share their journeys to help each other and to fill up One In An ARMY's flower garden.

Here are a handful of things ARMY did to enrich their body, mind, and soul.

Thank you to all the ARMY who helped women grow their small businesses through Women's Microfinance Initiative and to all the ARMY who helped themselves grow this month. It was a great way to celebrate BTS' eighth anniversary!


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