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April 2021 Campaign Summary - Rewind with OIAA

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our April 2021 campaign, Rewind With OIAA, benefiting 11 non-profits we worked with in the past year in honour of One In An ARMY's 3rd anniversary!

Throughout April we revisited each campaign created in the past year and updated ARMY on what the organizations have been doing. The organizations were:

The Global Foodbanking Network (original campaign May/June 2020): an international nonprofit that works towards a hunger-free future in more than 40 countries by sustaining, uniting and strengthening food banks. They believe that food banks are an integral and viable solution in empowering the world to defeat hunger and change lives. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Clowns Without Borders (original campaign July 2020): offers joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights (original campaign August 2020): supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms and promotes democratic values in Iraq and Syria. They seek a democratic society that protects the dignity of the human being, where adults and children enjoy the rights to life and freedom, and citizens are free from torture and terror. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Barefoot College (original campaign September 2020): have designed new ways to nurture and support a journey to empowerment, one village at a time, one woman at a time. They demystify and decentralize technology and put new tools in the hands of the underserved, with the objective to spread self-sufficiency and sustainability. With a geographic focus on the Least Developed Countries, they train women worldwide as solar engineers, entrepreneurs and educators, who then return to their villages to bring light and learning to their community. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Free The Girls (original campaign October 2020): is devoted to coming alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to true freedom. It's a journey from horrific trauma to reintegrating into the life they were meant to live within their family and community. Their goal is for true freedom is measured by economic freedom, restored health, social well-being, education, and opportunity for a different, hopeful future. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Literacy for Incarcerated Teens (original campaign November 2020): is the only non-profit organization of its kind working to end illiteracy among New York’s incarcerated young people by inspiring them to read. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Goedgedacht Trust (original campaign December 2020): was established in 1993 to contribute to the transformation of disadvantaged rural communities in the West Coast region of the Western Cape. To meet the challenges faced by rural communities, the Trust developed and implemented a creative and sustainable flagship, Path Onto Prosperity (POP) Program, catering to the needs of children at different stages of their lives, starting with the first 1 000 days until adulthood. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

LN4 Hand Project (original campaign December 2020): they want everyone who requires a prosthetic hand to have one, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay. We manufacture a durable yet rudimentary prosthetic hand with no electric parts, and with the help of our partners, we distribute it across the globe. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Lost-n-Found Youth (original campaign January 2021): is the outgrowth of Saint Lost and Found, an LGBTQ homeless youth fund project of the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They envision a world where all youth feel safe and supported to live and love authentically. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (original campaign February 2021): their mission is to provide accessible mental health services and support in Tanzania communities by implementing psychosocial interventions for promoting mental health and wellness - through advocacy, education and support. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Korean Unwed Mothers Families' Association (original campaign March 2021): advocates for the rights of unwed mothers and their children in Korea. It’s goal is to enable Korean women to have sufficient resources and support to keep their babies so that mother and child can thrive in Korean society. Read OIAA's rewind update on medium.

Watch the video to see our journey with these organizations!

April was both a celebration and a wind down month for us as we prepared to take a break for the month of May. Thank you to all the ARMY who celebrated our anniversary with us by giving to the organizations we worked with in 2020/2021 and by engaging with us on social media. It was a celebration we'll never forget!


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