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June 2019 Campaign Summary - army gift swap

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

During June 2019, One In An ARMY ran a special project. Between the excitement of BTS Festa and the One In An ARMY team needing time to gear up for the next round of birthday campaigns, we decided to do something a little different from our regular campaigns. Originally, we were planning on taking a break and only share other ARMY projects that fit our criteria. But resting isn't something that comes easily to the team, so we reached out to BTS fanbases and we organized something that would let ARMY celebrate Festa all month long: ARMY Gift Swap!

The idea was simple: take a gift and leave one for the next person (aka geocaching: ARMY style). We asked ARMY to fill at an interest form at the beginning of the project and we received nearly 1000 responses!

We encouraged ARMY to buy or make an inexpensive gift and suggested they leave items that have sentimental value – like a bracelet, photocard, letter, or stongi – along with a note explaining the project. We suggested ARMY hide the gift in a safe, waterproof, and appropriate place. After hiding the gift, ARMY were instructed to fill out a location form to help other ARMY find their gift.

Aware that some ARMY might live in remote or ARMY-light locations, we also introduced ARMY Gift Mail; a secret-santa style exchange that allowed ARMY to send and receive their gifts through the mail.

One In An ARMY would like to thank our followers for being patient and giving us time to get the first round of birthday campaigns organized. We'd also like to thank all ARMY who participated in either ARMY Gift Swap or ARMY Gift Mail, and anyone who helped share our tweets. A special thank you once again to all the fanbases that helped us share info on the project:

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