June 2018 Campaign Summary - Love Myself

Updated: Jun 16

Originally posted on Twitter.

One In An ARMY is back to announce the results of our June 2018 campaign, #ARMYLoveMyself_JUNE, benefiting Love Myself and UNICEF Korea!

Normally, One In An ARMY prioritizes working with non-profits that can provide us with updates about the funds being used to provide (e.g. food, medical supplies, etc). But as June is BTS' anniversary month, it seemed the logical choice to partner with BTS' own charity campaign Love Myself.

In the month of June, ARMY raised 340,683 KRW! This will aid UNICEF's work and help children and teens around the world.

BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, and ARMY have raised over $1,000,000 USD since the start of the Love Myself campaign; ARMY have even been given a special shoutout from Henrietta H. Fore - the Executive Director of UNICEF!

ARMY didn't only donate to Love Myself for BTS' anniversary, but also took part in many other charitable events! You can read about a handful of the projects in our Twitter moment.

The reality is, ARMY all over the world are doing so much good each and every month. One In An ARMY is proud to be a part, but so much prouder of ARMY for opening their hearts to people in need. A copy of this certificate will be mailed to Big Hit Entertainment, and as always we encourage ARMY to print out a copy for yourselves as this is YOUR achievement.


One In An ARMY is a fan collective of volunteers around the globe. Driven by our shared interest in global superstars, BTS, and the idea of using our collective power for global good, we seek out non-profit organizations worldwide and harness the power of ARMY into giving micro-donations over a one month period. Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.

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