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February 2020 Campaign Summary – Outside Looking in

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are proud to bring you the results of our February 2020 campaign, Dancing With Hope, benefiting Outside Looking In in honour of Hoseok's birthday!

Outside Looking In uses the transformative art of dance, to inspire Indigenous youth in Canada to pursue education, engage in self-expression, and celebrate empowerment. Outside Looking In believes that given the chance to earn an opportunity through hard work, effort, drive and commitment, Indigenous youth will build pride, esteem and surpass even their own expectations.

During the month of February, 369 ARMY from 47+ countries raised $5,907.97 CAD in honour of Hoseok's birthday! These funds will help cover costs for Outside Looking In's annual dance showcase. The showcase normally happens in Toronto, Canada in May but has been rescheduled due to COVID-19. We encourage ARMY in the Toronto area to buy a ticket to the show once the new date has been announced and public gatherings are safe again!

As always, our friends at Outside Looking In have mailed a letter to Hoseok and Big Hit Entertainment to keep them updated on all the good ARMY did in February.

Music and dance was the clear winner when we polled ARMY about what cause they wanted to support for Hoseok's birthday. One of the many awesome things about Outside Looking In is that their programs fit under music/dance and education, which means we were able to fulfill the wish of 65.6% of the ARMY who participated in the poll!

Dance was also the central theme for the monthly Bonus Mission. February gave us BTS' fourth studio album, Map of the Soul : 7. This was also the fourth time comeback overlapped with one of our campaigns, so we decided to merge two of ARMY's favourite hobbies: streaming and helping others!

Stream BTS For Charity was created so for every 10 streams of a song off Map of the Soul : 7, One In An ARMY team members donated $1 to Outside Looking In. But to get everyone up and moving, we asked ARMY to post a photo or a video of them doing a move from the choreography along with their streaming proof.

We also encouraged ARMY to start their own challenge with their friends and followers!

As with our other Bangtan birthdays, we brought back We Purple Earth for the 48-hour window around Hoseok's birthday. As voted by ARMY, the trees funded during Hoseok's flash campaign will be planted by One Tree Planted in Guatemala (Heuhuetenango and the Pacific South Coast).

February was a whirlwind of a month with the release of Map of the Soul : 7, CONNECT, BTS, all the comeback activities, and Hoseok's birthday. Thank you for making time to celebrate Hoseok's birthday and the transformative power of dance with One In An ARMY and Outside Looking In. You've made a big difference in the lives of a lot of Indigenous youth!


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