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February 2019 Campaign Summary - Transforming Faces

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter.

One In An ARMY are extremely proud to announce the results of our February campaign, Smile With Hoseok, benefiting Transforming Faces in honour of Hoseok's birthday!

Transforming Faces works with local teams where cleft lip and palate care is limited to provide comprehensive care that is accessible for all. Not only do they provide training and support for surgical procedures, but they fund counselling and education services for children and families and work with them through every step of the process. For our campaign, we chose to partner with Transforming Face's program in Peru.

Hoseok frequently calls himself "our hope", but it's more than just a catch-phrase to make ARMY laugh. Hoseok embodies joy. Even on days when he's feeling sad or upset about something, he puts a smile on his face and tries to make the members or ARMY laugh. It's important to him to keep those around him energized and happy, so he makes cheering the members up his personal project.

Children born with cleft lip or cleft palate are given a tough start in life. They often have problems with eating and speaking clearly. Hearing problems, ear infections, and dental problems are other common side effects. Though we wish it weren't so, children and adults living with cleft lip or cleft palate often endure bullying and discrimination.

Hoseok is known for his beautiful, heart-shaped smile, but also for the way he radiates happiness. We figured it was a natural fit to partner with an organization that literally brings smiles to children's faces. Hoseok has given ARMY so many reasons to smile – and now ARMY have become the reason for someone else's smile! In fact, you became the reason for 28 smiles!

437 ARMY from 50+ countries were able to raise $11,146.07 CAD ($8291.56 USD) which is enough to provide comprehensive cleft care to 28 children for an entire year!

Comprehensive care includes the surgical procedure & much more! According to our friends at Transforming Faces, the amount ARMY raised could cover over 1000 speech therapy sessions, or (depending on needs) it could cover 500 speech therapy sessions & 160 dental appointments, etc!

As always, our friends at Transforming Faces have mailed a letter detailing everything you've done to Hoseok and Big Hit Entertainment. As always, please feel free to download this certificate and keep a copy for yourself if you donated, participated in the bonus mission, or even just shared the campaign - every little bit helps!

But those 28 children and their families aren't the only people you've made smile this month! The bonus mission, HOPEful Smiles, challenged ARMY to spread the sunshine and make people around them smile.

ARMY rose to the challenge once again and spent the month growing their gardens with laughter. You can read some of the ways ARMY made people smile in the HOPEfulSmiles tag on Twitter or you can visit our Google Drive and get your own downloadable versions of our Sunshine Cards!

This is by no means a conclusive summary, but our Secret Smiles page (the bonus surprise people were gifted after laughing) had over 500 clicks during the month of February! ARMY really know how to make people smile!

ARMY, you all shined so bright this campaign, and you did our Sunshine proud! The help you've given to these children in the name of Jung Hoseok of BTS will change their entire lives. Thank you!


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