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December 2021 Part 2 Campaign Summary - Tetra Society

Updated: May 1, 2023

One In An ARMY is extremely proud to announce the results of our second December 2021 flash campaign, AccessibiliTae, benefiting the Tetra Society of North America in honour of Taehyung's birthday!

Tetra Society's focus is to find solutions to environmental barriers faced by people with disabilities. While these environmental barriers are a part of a person’s journey, they believe Tetra solutions help foster greater independence, quality of life, and inclusion. Tetra’s core focus is to address barriers that affect a person’s ability to live life independently due to obstacles in their environment. One of Tetra’s founding principles is that people are not marginalized by their disability, but by obstacles in their environment. Tetra works to reduce or eliminate these obstacles.

For this campaign 614 ARMY raised $15,871 CAD! This helped the Tetra Society volunteers build 239 assistive devices for people with disabilities!

Our friends at the Tetra Society have sent a letter to BTS and Big Hit to let them know about how much ARMY helped this month. ARMY in Canada can continue to help the Tetra Society by volunteering!

The bonus mission for this campaign, Happy HoliTae, encouraged ARMY to learn about how to be better allies for people with disabilities.

Thank you ARMY for joining us for the last flash campaign of 2021! You made Taehyung's birthday something special!

A clip from In The Soop 2 of Taehyung smiling. His arms are crossed, he wears a light brown t-shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up. His hair is permed and is gently curled around his eyes.


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