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August 2019 Campaign Summary – Helen Bamber Foundation

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Originally summarized on Twitter here.

One In An ARMY are extremely proud to announce the results of our August campaign Strengthen With Jungkook, benefiting the Helen Bamber Foundation in honour of Jungkook's birthday!

The Helen Bamber Foundation is a human rights charity based in London. Their specialist team of therapists, doctors and legal experts hold an international reputation for providing therapeutic care, medical consultation, legal protection and practical support to survivors of human rights violations.

During the month of August, 200+ ARMY from 40+ countries were able to raise $5,320.79 USD in honour of Jungkook's birthday! This will help the Helen Bamber Foundation provide wellness services for more than 40 survivors, giving them access to activities like yoga classes and football, which will put them on the path to reclaiming normal, healthy lives as they recover from their past experiences.

The kind folks at the Helen Bamber Foundation have mailed a letter detailing everything you've done to Jungkook and Big Hit Entertainment. As always, please feel free to download this letter and keep a copy for yourself if you donated, participated in the bonus mission, or even just shared the campaign – every little bit helps!

Jungkook's birthday was the first to occur after we changed our model of birthday campaigns. Instead of the team and volunteer discord deciding which type of cause to support, we invited ARMY to vote directly on the cause for each member's birthday campaign.

We received 643 responses and the majority of ARMY voted for a cause related to physical health. The Helen Bamber Foundation was a perfect fit for Jungkook's campaign as they focus on physical health (and other areas) of rehabilitation for survivors of human rights violations; the cause that received the second highest number of votes in our poll. The One In An ARMY team is excited to design main campaigns and bonus missions around the causes that are close to ARMY's hearts.

Speaking of bonus missions, we were all kept busy this month by Health ARMY Happy JK: the non-monetary bonus mission we ran alongside the main campaign.

For three weeks, we invited ARMY to complete sets of small goals that made them feel fit and healthy. Being inclusive is important to us at One In An ARMY, and while we provided suggestions for goals, we invited everyone to set their own goals that suited their own ability. We also partnered with Jen Lewis from Cario Party Mashup Fitness to give ARMY an opportunity to workout to routines designed around BTS' music. You can see more ARMY tweets in the challenge hashtag.

But that's not all! New for the 2019-2020 Bangtan birthday season, One In An ARMY undertook a special project called We Purple Earth. Along with our regular birthday campaigns and bonus missions, each member’s birthday will be accompanied by a 48-hour flash donation period benefiting One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-profit plants trees around the world.

During Jungkook's 48-hour donation window, more than 723 ARMY joined us to plant 9298 trees! Voted by ARMY, these trees will be planted in Peru to help regrow the Amazon rainforest.

We Purple Earth includes several other initiatives including:

  • a map tracking ARMY's environmentally friendly projects

  • a guide on how to organize clean-ups

  • a backgrounder explaining how to get involved in environmental advocacy

You can find out more information about the project on our We Purple Earth page.

Thank you ARMY for once again rising enthusiastically to the challenge. You helped the Helen Bamber Foundation support the health of survivors of human rights violations, you helped strengthen our ecosystems by planting trees and engaging in other eco-friendly activities, and you helped yourselves lead healthier lives. Well done all!


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