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April 2019 Campaign Summary - One In An ARMY one year Anniversary #OIAAOLYMPICS

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

One In An ARMY are proud to present a summary of our activities for our first anniversary and the OIAA Olympics!

To celebrate One In An ARMY's first anniversary and a year of amazing work done by ARMY all over the world, the OIAA team came up with a new style of campaign. For the first half of April 2019, ARMY reminisced about the 11 organizations they helped from April 2018 til March 2019 using #1YearWithOIAA.

But in addition to reminding ARMY about how much good they'd accomplished in a year, the walk down memory lane served another purpose. And that was to remind ARMY which organization was their favourite. OIAA invited ARMY to donate to one or more of the organizations we worked with in 2018/2019, but we also invited ARMY to compete in the OIAA Olympics!

The OIAA Olympics games were played on Twitter, and the winners were rewarded with points they could donate towards their favourite OIAA alumni organization. ARMY could also vote for their favourite alumni organization on Instagram.

Originally, we planned to just give a certificate to the winning organization, but the points were so close we decided to prepare a certificate for the runner-up as well. That means ARMY sent a certificate of appreciation to both Love Myself/UNICEF and Thirst Relief!

We know April was a busy time with the release of Map of the Soul: Persona, BBMA voting, and exams for many of our student ARMY. But we're so happy you found time to celebrate the one year anniversary of One In An ARMY, our alumni organizations, and all the hard work ARMY have done with us over the past year!


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