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In honour of Jungkook's birthday, we thought of a great way to make him smile. Let's take small steps towards living a healthier life together!


For three weeks, complete sets of small goals that will make you feel fit and healthy.

You can also create your own personal goals!

Track your goals using our activity planners!

Doing tasks for three weeks will help us create a habit, so this is a perfect timeline for us to adjust to a healthy lifestyle!

And just like Jungkook and his amazing G.C.F.s, you can do the same by sharing your experience with Jungkook and your fellow ARMY.

Post photos or videos using the hashtag #HealthyARMYHappyJK to inspire others to do the same.

Complete your goals for the week to become a healthier and happier you while making our Jungkook smile!

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