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Journey to ARMYTOPIA

Want to join BT21 on their journey to ARMYtopia?

BT21 will have to visit different places on their way to ARMYtopia, and you can help!

Every month until March 2021, we’ll have different challenges for you to complete so BT21 can advance.

Each challenge will use a different platform that allows you to donate to charity without spending your own money.

Stay tuned for special rewards that will be unlocked when you reach a milestone during the challenge!

February Challenge

BT21 are on the moon and need your help to light up the galaxy! In order to go to ARMYtopia, BT21 need to earn a certificate that documents how many stars they light up. For every kind act, a star will light up.

Step 1) Download our "Mikrokosmos of Kindness" sheet. You may print it out.

Step 2) Do at least 7 of the activities on the sheet. Or you may think of your own activities.

Step 3) For every kind of act you've done, fill out one star on the sheet.

Step 4) Post your filled out sheet with #JourneyToARMYtopia. We'd love to hear what you did to fulfill the tasks too!

Step 5) When 7 stars are filled up, you will receive a certificate from the Man on the Moon.

January Challenge

BT21 have arrived in the snowy Inner Child Town where adults can feel like kids again. Help them send letters to orphans all over the world by going to Paper Bridges and write a digital letter! 


Don’t forget to take a screenshot of it and post it with #JourneyToARMYtopia so we can track how many letters have been sent!

December Challenge

BT21 have finally arrived at ARMYtopia, but they need ARMY's help to enter! Help them collect hearts using Tab For A Cause. 


All you need to do is install Tab For A Cause and join One In An ARMY's Search Challenges. Share the answer to the question with a screenshot of you using Tab For A Cause and #JourneyToARMYtopia!

You can learn more about Tab For A Cause on our Bonus Missions page.

November Challenge

BT21 have a long walk ahead of them. But they can't do it alone. They need ARMY's help. Walk together with BT21 as they travel to the County of Filter by using Charity Miles, an app that tracks the distance you walk and donates money to charity on your behalf.

The Charity Miles app is available on Android and iOS. It tracks the miles you walk every day using GPS. Sponsors will donate to charities annually based on the miles you walk as tracked by the app.

Simply download the app, create an account, choose the charity you'd like to support, make sure your data and GPS are turned on, and get walking!

You can also use the app while riding your bike, or just walking around your house!

Post screenshots of your progress on SNS using #JourneyToARMYtopia so we can track how many miles ARMY have earned combined

October Challenge

BT21 have made it to Shadow Village but need to find the missing page of their book. Help them on their quest by planting trees with Ecosia!

For every 4,500 searches made by ARMY on Ecosia, BT21 will be able to plant 1 tree.

Go to, add the extension to Google Chrome, or download the app (iOS/Android). Whenever you need to search for something on the Ecosia browser, take a screenshot and share it with #JourneyToARMYtopia.

The goal is to plant 7 trees (31,500 searches) by the end of October!


September Challenge

BT21 need to give 7 buckets of rice to the professors at Persona-City to gain access to the city and find the missing page of the book that will lead them to ARMYtopia. But they need your help!

Play Freerice to gain grains and fill up the buckets. After filling a few buckets, we’ll release an exclusive picture of the BT21 gang in Persona-City! You can read the full story on Twitter.

Step 1) Go to or download the Freerice app (iOS and Android). Create an account or log in if you already have one.

Step 2) Go to menu > groups.

Step 3) Join the BT21 Journey to ARMYtopia group.

Step 4) Enter code QV8CTMQM in the “join existing group” field – this is how we track the challenge progress!

Step 5) Join the “BTS ARMY” group if you haven’t already! The code to join is DCCAX2XF.

Step 6) Select a category and start answering questions. Every correct answer earns 10 grains of rice.

Step 7) After you finish playing, take a screenshot of your score and post it, tagging @OneInAnARMY and using the hashtag #JourneyToARMYtopia.

50,000 grains earned by ARMY will fill one bucket for the BT21 gang!

You can also check out our tutorial on Twitter which includes screenshots.

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