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Sitting on the ground alone,
I get taken over by ever-growing thoughts
“Since when have you been hurting me”
Even you don’t know 

You’re hurting too, ’cause you’re mine
I just wanna blow your mind
Again, You’re moving further away like this

Promise me now
Even if you feel alone many times a day,
don’t throw away yourself

Pause for a moment right here,
hook your pinky with mine,
and promise me now

“I’m alright”
Though I say so,
maybe the truth is that I’m not 

I want you to be your light, baby

You should be your light

So that you are not hurt anymore

So that you can smile


I want you to be your night, baby

You could be your night

So that this night can be honest with you


One In An ARMY is a fan collective of volunteers around the globe. Driven by our shared interest in global superstars, BTS, and the idea of using our collective power for global good, we seek out non-profit organizations worldwide and harness the power of ARMY into giving micro-donations over a one month period. Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.

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