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Archived Meet The Team Profiles



Nationality/Current Country: USA


Birth year: 1994


How long have you been an ARMY? 2017


How did you first discover BTS? I was learning kpop dances in college and saw/learned the dance for I NEED U.

What made you transition from fan to ARMY? I moved to a new city to chase after my dreams but knew no one so it was a very lonely journey! I was very alone and was going through a hard time when I found SUGA’s So Far Away. I really related to the lyrics and felt comforted that I wasn’t alone in the long chase to achieving dreams. It felt like SUGA had gone through similar emotions like I did and understood me.

Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? BTS is always spreading love around the world and I wanted to do so too as an ARMY. I’ve been following OIAA for a while and have also done some of my own small things on the side. When I saw the application for design team member, I’d thought I’d give it a shot! 

What is your role in OIAA? Design Team Member


One fun fact about yourself: My dream as a little kid was to be a world dominating couch potato.



Nationality/Current Country: Scotland

Age: 19

How long have you been an ARMY? Since summer 2017

How did you first discover BTS?  I've always been into linguistics, so I was watching a video of Korean people pronouncing English names (because my name was on it) and it turned out they were the members of Topp Dogg, and then Bangtan came into my recommendations and from there it was all uphill! It was actually my birthday, so I’ve always said that BTS were my best ever present

What made you transition from fan to ARMY? I wouldn't really say I had a ‘fan’ phase. The minute I saw the first video I went and searched them up and found as much content as I could… it was less than a week before I spent real money on Bon Voyage!

Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? I've always wanted to help people, but it can be hard when you're young and broke because it feels like you have no impact. When I saw a post about using ARMY’s strong power as a fandom to do charity work, I wanted to know how I could help out, so I sent a message, and here I am!

What is your role in OIAA? I work as an Instagram admin, part of the text group, giving feedback, and general brainstorming.


One fun fact about yourself: I was inspired to get my helix piercings by seeing all of BTS looking so fine with them



Nationality/Current Country: Morocco/Italy


Age: 25


How long have you been an ARMY? Since end of 2017


How did you first discover BTS? First time I noticed them was at the end of 2016 when I stumbled on the FBE video reacting to BS&T...I really loved the song, I downloaded it and watched the mv quite a few times, but for some reason I ended up completely forgetting about them without further checking them out. Then during the majority of 2017 I kept seeing mentions of them everywhere but since I had tried out different kpop bands before and I didn't like them I just decided to ignore it and move on....until I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to properly check them out, I really wanted to know what they did to have such a dedicated fanbase, there must be a reason for that! I've been in plenty of fandoms but this was seriously on another level, and after a 3 day youtube binge I finally understood exactly why ARMYs are so only regret now is that I didn't give them a chance sooner.


What made you transition from fan to ARMY? Tbh I'd say my fan phase was really really short...I immediately got pulled in by how genuine and real they seemed to be in their interactions with each other and by their deep and meaningful lyrics, but especially by their incredibly tight connection to ARMYs. I was amazed at how close they were to eachother and how much support and appreciation they showed eachother was unlike any other fandom I've been in before, and let me tell you I've been in plenty ;)
It just felt like coming home, I've never felt as comfortable and at ease in a fandom before so the transition for me was super fast, I was watching my first video of them one day and then already considered myself an ARMY and fully supported them everywhere the week after.


Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? I've been dreaming about setting up a fandom driven charity campaign project for a few years now, my plans were originally for a different fandom but it never really worked out...deep down I knew they wouldn't be enthusiastic enough for it but I still kept hoping that I'd manage to do it someday ...then I stumbled upon OIAA on twitter and I was's exactly what I always wanted to do so I didn't hesitate to contact them and offer my help, which they thankfully accepted and I couldn't be any happier with our project atm, ARMYs are just an incredible force that no one should ever under estimate!


What is your role in OIAA? I am part of the communication team, so we’re in charge of promoting our projects and communicating with ARMYs on different platforms. All of us still help with the general planning and organization of the various campaigns, discussing different concepts and ideas etc.


One fun fact about yourself: I love books! You’ll find me reading anytime and everywhere haha.



Nationality/Current Country: Egyptian & Native American/ USA

Birth Year: 1981

How long have you been an ARMY? I have been a dedicated ARMY since late 2017. 

How did you first discover BTS? I saw their performance on the American Music Awards and had to research who they were. I have always had a love of music from different countries and cultures so they peaked my interest. 

What made you transition from fan to ARMY? While I say that I have always been ARMY since I discovered BTS in 2017, it wasn’t until later 2018 that I really dove in. Like many other ARMY I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life and was struggling just to survive. Love Yourself: Answer helped me walk through emotions that I didn’t even know I had and to not only get back to the person I once was, but helped me to create new aspects of myself to deal with things in the future. 

Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? I have always had a heart for helping others and I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and saw one of their posts. I participated in both the donation and the side activity and absolutely LOVED it. I started a conversation with some of the OIAA team members and the rest is history. And my life has absolutely been changed for the better!!

What is your role in OIAA? I am part of the organization team and the design team. I help where ever I can. I am also know for spreading LOVE and EXCITEMENT all over our group.

One fun fact about yourself: I am a MAJOR overachiever (but I work REALLY hard at it) and was the Valedictorian of my undergrad college program (and went on to get a 4.0GPA in my masters program as well).



Nationality/Current Country: Philippines 


Birth Year: 1985 


How long have you been an ARMY? since 2019 


How did you first discover BTS? I discovered BTS because of  Matthew Mcconaughey's interview with Ellen. 


What made you transition from fan to ARMY? I can't really pinpoint the source. All i know is i found my cyber anti social self setting up a Twitter account one day so just i can join voting for them. 


Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? I wanted to be useful. 


What is your role in OIAA? Receipts Keeper 


One fun fact about yourself: My father named me after his ex. My mother was also named after my grandfather's ex. So i guess it's a family tradition?



Nationality/Current Country: Malaysia


Age: 29


How long have you been an ARMY? 1 year officially Army not include a few years i become ‘Fan’


How did you first discover BTS? By yt. I first saw Jungkook singing in some korean singing show around 2015. I thought he was good and slowly i discover other BTS member and their amazing songs. 


What made you transition from fan to ARMY? The song Butterfly hit me from the first time i heard it but that doesnt make me an Army yet. But slowly, watching their shows,  constantly on yt, vlive or other shows.. It gives joy to me,it makes me happy. It was comforting and support my emotion, and because of that I make my decision to be BTS Army when i saw all their hard work in doing good music while in process comforting their listener/fan/Army.


Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? OIAA is a group that i cherish most. When i first joined OIAA i’ve doubted myself if i can give back to others and do good deeds with most of all member in our team is a stranger to me. I’m not sure if i can communicate well with them since i’m an introvert. But truly,  BTS inspires me most in doing charity. I want to spread the good vibes through Army and BTS.I want to showed others, fangirling is not bad if you take your idol as a role model to you. Bts inspires me, not only them.. My Army member in OIAA too inspires me to be a good person. They really makes me want to stayed in OIAA for a longer time doing fundraising and helping the people who needed most in the world. And that's why i want to joined OIAA. 


What is your role in OIAA? Mainly, i was in communications team. Usually, we will promote and communicate with other Army via twitter or other platform about fundraising or any project that we have. And try to reach any fanbase that we could to help in our project. But, we also try to gives some idea in project and stuff to help others members. 

One fun fact about yourself: I talk a lot with people who i feel comfortable most. (Which is My OIAA team member)



Nationality/Current Country: Singapore

Birth Year: 1999

How long have you been an ARMY? Since November 2017

How did you first discover BTS? When I watched the Dope MV back in 2015 - but at that time, I wasn’t very invested in Kpop so I did not delve deeper, though it thoroughly fascinated me. And again, in late 2016, my friend introduced me to Blood, Sweat & Tears and I really enjoyed it but did not go any further. Their 2017 AMAs performance + appearance on Ellen was the true turning point (or shall I say, point of no return) for me. 

What made you transition from fan to ARMY? I still cannot pinpoint a particular moment - I would say it was a combination of scouring through their entire discography and falling in love with their versatility and the heart that went into their lyrics, their brilliant showmanship (Mic Drop MAMA 2017 performance lives in my mind rent-free), and their humble (yet extremely hilarious) personalities. Or maybe it was watching the Spring Day MV :) 

Why did you decide to get involved with OIAA? A recruitment call for Crisis Researchers was posted on Twitter and I decided to take a leap of faith and apply. I have always been in awe of OIAA’s work because it combined two of my passions - BTS and social justice - and I wanted to do something larger than myself, to reflect BTS’s own spirit for doing good.

What is your role in OIAA? A crisis researcher :) I help with researching ongoing crises in the world and sourcing for reliable organizations that ARMYs can donate to!

One fun fact about yourself: I could sing Paradise word for word, yes, even the raps (though slightly rusty now)

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