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During June 2019, One In An ARMY is running a special project: ARMY Gift Swap!

Between the excitement of Festa and the OIAA team needing time to gear up for the next round of birthday campaigns, we decided to do something a little different for our June project. With the help of fanbases around the world, we organized something that would let all ARMY celebrate Festa all month long: #ARMYGiftSwap!

how to participate

The idea is simple: take a gift and leave one for the next person.

how to Leave a gift

  • Fill out our interest form and check our location spreadsheet to see if other ARMY in your area are participating

  • Make/buy a gift (something inexpensive that has sentimental value like a bracelet, photocard, letter, or stongi) and write a note explaining the project

  • Hide the gift in a safe and appropriate place. We suggest asking a local shop or café owner if they can keep your gift safe until another ARMY picks it up. If you want to leave it somewhere outside, please make sure you waterproof your gift!

  • Fill in the location form with the details of your gift so other ARMY can find it

how to take a gift

  • Use our map to find a gift location close to you

  • Visit the location, take a gift, and leave one in return

  • Take a picture with the gift you found and share it on social media using #ARMYGiftSwap

Safety First

Make sure you only leave your gift in a safe location during the day and check with your local fanbase if you have any questions about the area. If you know it’s unsafe DO NOT leave a gift or visit the location.

If you’re a minor, please get your parent’s permission before participating.

Remember: safety first, safety second, coolness third!

ARMY Gift Mail

We know there will likely be some ARMY who want to participate in the gift swap but live in remote regions or places without other ARMY. To make sure everyone can participate, OIAA is also running #ARMYGiftMail!

Simply visit our Elfster page and fill out the form. Please note that your personal data won't be shared with anyone except your gifter. Please make sure you’re 100% committed to sending a gift before submitting your form – we wouldn’t want anyone left without a gift! You can find more details about ARMY Gift Mail on Twitter.

Participating Fanbases

The OIAA team could not organize this project alone. A huge thank you to all the fanbases and individuals who helped coordinate this effort!

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