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12 months ago, our journey with One In An ARMY started. It's been an amazing year filled with ARMY's love, kindness & willingness to give back and make the world a better place. This month, we're doing something a little different. Instead of running a campaign dedicated to one non-profit, we're revisiting all the non-profits we've worked with over the past year and letting ARMY choose who they want to support! Visit our archive for a full summary of each past campaign.

Every day at 2:00 am KST, check our Twitter account to see an update on one of the twelve non-profits ARMY have helped through One In An ARMY. The hashtag for the month is #1YearWithOIAA. We'll also be playing games on Twitter and Instagram and give ARMY the chance to pick their favourite non-profit using the hashtag #OIAAOlympics. Check out our OIAA Olympics page for more details.

how to donate


Below is a list of the non-profits we've worked with over the past year. Please read the instructions carefully as they're different for each non-profit. Once you've donated, please fill out this form as it's the only way we can track the donations! 

Medical Teams International: Minimum $2 USD. Please select "I’d like to designate this as a tribute gift" and write in honour of "BTS ARMY". Donate here.

Syria Care: Minimum 2 RM ($1 USD). Please write your first name "BTS" and last name as "ARMY". Donate here.

Love Myself: Minimum 1,000 KRW. Please write your first name as "OIAA" and your last name as "ARMY". Donate here.

Thirst Relief: Minimum $1 USD (suggested donation $5 USD). Donate here.

Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach mission: Minimum $1 USD. Donate here.

Gili Eco Trust: Minimum $1.00 USD. Please click "add special instructions to the seller" and write "BTS ARMY". Donate here.

MindLeaps: Minimum $1.00 USD. Donate here.

cuatro por venezuela: Minimum $1 USD. Donate here.

Purple Community Fund: Minimum $3 USD. Donate here.

Children's Healing Art Project: Minimum $1 USD. Please mark your donation in honour of "BTS ARMY". Donate here.

Transforming Faces: Minimum $1 CAD. Donate here.

Playing For Change: Minimum $5.00 USD through gofundme (donate here). Minimum $1.00 on the PFC website. Please mark your donation in tribute to "BTS ARMY" (donate here).

Don't forget to check out the #OIAAOlympics!

With A Friend

If you can't afford the minimum donation amount, pair up with an ARMY friend from your country to meet the minimum donation amount and submit your form. Don't forget to check out our Bonus Mission #OIAAOlympics!

With A Fanbase

If you can’t find an ARMY friend to donate with, you can try reaching out to a local fanbase to see if they’re willing to run a collection pool for your region/country.


Please be advised that One In An ARMY has no way to monitor donations collected through fanbases; donors do so at their own risk. We recommend you only reach out to a base you trust and ask them to provide you with a screenshot that verifies they donated to the campaign. Please contact us if you made a donation through a fanbase and you have reason to believe the money was not donated to the non-profit.


If you don’t want to take the risk of donating to a third-party, save your money for a future campaign and check out the ways you can get involved without donating by visiting our Bonus Missions page or by completing the April Bonus Mission #OIAAOlympics!

example screenshot

TF donate.jpg

quick links

Medical Teams International: organization website | campaign report
Syria Care: organization website
| campaign report
Love Myself: organization website
| campaign report
Thirst Relief: organization website
| campaign report
Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission (KKOOM): organization website
| campaign report
Gili Eco Trust: organization website
| campaign report
MindLeaps: organization website
| campaign report
Cuatro Por Venezuela: organization website
| campaign report
Purple Community Fund: organization website
| campaign report
Children's Healing Art Project: organization website
| campaign report
Transforming Faces: organization website
| campaign report
Playing For Change: organization website

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