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Current Campaign


One In An ARMY is proud to announce our flash fundraiser, Kumfa With Yoongi, to support the Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association (KUMFA) in honour of Yoongi's birthday! The donation period officially began at 11:00 pm KST on March 4th, 2021. Donations will help KUMFA on their mission to enable unwed Korean women to have the resources and support that allows them to keep their babies, so that mother and child can both thrive in Korean society. Everything listed in steps 3-5 under our individual giving instructions is optional, but extremely helpful for us to track donation amounts as we have no other way to see how much ARMY has donated (see our FAQ for a full explanation). Our hashtag for the month is #KumfaWithYoongi. The minimum donation amount $1.00 USD.

How To Donate

Step 1) Visit One In An ARMY's GivenGain page if donating with credit card. If donating with PayPal, please donate directly on KUMFA's website using the one time donation button (at the bottom of the page on mobile or on the right hand side of the page on desktop), but please include BTS ARMY in the notes field.

Step 2) Donate $1.00 USD.

Step 3) Take a screenshot of your donation watermark with your twitter @. Please make sure donation amount is VISIBLE but strike out any personal information (see example screenshot below).

Step 4) Submit this form. The form is especially important now. Due to COVID-19 many non-profits are overwhelmed and might not be able to track donations for us like they normally do.

Step 5) Quote-tweet our pinned tweet or write your own tweet about the campaign using #KumfaWithYoongi. Don't forget to check out the February update of our non-monetary Bonus Mission: Journey to ARMYtopia!

Example Screenshot

KUMFA donation proof.jpg

About Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association


From KUMFA's website:

KUMFA advocates for the rights of unwed mothers and their children in Korea. It’s goal is to enable Korean women to have sufficient resources and support to keep their babies so that mother and child can thrive in Korean society.

In 2009, when the Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association was founded, about 1,000 children were adopted overseas, and 97 per cent were from unwed mothers. And in 2019, 100% of overseas adoptees from Korea were children of unwed mothers. This statics shows just how difficult it is for unwed mothers to raise their children in Korea.

KUMFA was created in 2009 for the human rights of unwed mothers and their children. Korea in the 21st century is made up of various family types. Nevertheless, unwed mothers and families’ rights are still being violated due to awareness and institutionalisation issues. KUMFA is an organisation created by unwed mothers to improve unwed mother families’ legal and social rights and interests. Through monthly regular meetings to promote friendship and share information between members and various programs (psychological therapy, counselling, experiences, camps (original family, summer, New Year’s Day, Chuseok), etc.), the individual’s self-esteem is raised. Unwed mothers and their children to not be discriminated against, we aim for a life as a cheerful and dignified mother with a vivid voice in the field of life.

Visit their website to learn more about this great organization!

Our Impact

  • For $20 USD, KUMFA can buy a child powdered milk or diapers for a week.

  • For $30 USD, KUMFA can buy enough rice for mother and child to eat for a month.

  • For $50 USD, KUMFA can provide living expenses for a week to unwed mothers and children in emergency shelters.

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