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Current Campaign

One In An ARMY is proud to announce our March 2023 flash donation campaign, Another Way With Yoongi, in support of Another Way of Seeing in honour of Yoongi's birthday! Donations will assist Another Way of Seeing in to find new ways to use art and technology to question the essence of what is means to “see”. The donation period officially began at 11:00 pm KST on March 4th, 2023. Everything listed in steps 3-5 under our individual giving instructions is optional, but extremely helpful for us to track donation amounts as we have no other way to see how much ARMY has donated (see our FAQ for a full explanation). Our hashtag for the campaign is #AnotherWayWithYoongi. The minimum donation amount $1.00 (USD).

How To Donate

Step 1) Visit One In An ARMY's custom ARMY donation page.

Step 2) Donate at least $1.00 (USD).

Step 3) Take a screenshot of your donation watermark with your twitter @. Please make sure donation amount is VISIBLE but strike out any personal information (see example screenshot below).

Step 4) Submit this form. The form is especially important now. Due to COVID-19 many non-profits are overwhelmed and might not be able to track donations for us like they normally do.

Step 5) Quote-tweet our pinned tweet or write your own tweet about the campaign using #AnotherWayWithYoongi. Don't forget to check out the non-monetary Bonus Mission TBA!

Example Screenshot

Another Way of Seeing proof of donation.jpg

About the Organization

From Another Way of Seeing's website:

"<우리들의 눈>은 ‘본다는 것은 무엇인가’에 대해 시각장애인과 예술가들이 예술과 테크놀로지를 통해 질문하고 탐구하는 ART_Lab입니다. 1996년부터 ‘시각장애’를 ‘또 다른 창의적 가능성’으로 바라보며 시각장애인과 함께 경계 없는 융·복합적인 미술교육을 해나가고 있습니다. 시각장애인 미술교육, 작품 전시, 점자촉각책 제작, 교육용 APP개발 등 창의적인 교육·문화 인프라를 구축하여 이미지로 세상과 소통하는 통로를 끊임없이 만들어 가고 있습니다.

<Another Way of Seeing> is an ART_Lab where blind people and artists come together to answer the question “what does it mean to see?” through arts and technology. Since our establishment in 1996, we have always viewed blindness as an alternative creative potential, rather than a disability, and have worked to provide them with opportunities for integrative and convergent art education.
We continuously seek to create new ways to converse with the world through the construction of creative educational and cultural infrastructure―ranging from educational apps to tactile braille books, exhibitions of artwork by blind artists, and art workshops for the blind."

Visit Another Way of Seeing's website to learn more about this great organization!

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