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One In An ARMY is proud to announce the February campaign to support Transforming Faces for Hoseok’s birthday! The donation period officially began at 12:00 am KST on January 30th, 2019. Donations will aid Transforming Faces to empower local teams in Peru and provide them with funding, guidance, and medical training to administer comprehensive cleft lip and palate care that is accessible for all. Everything listed in steps 3-5 under our individual giving instructions is optional, but extremely helpful for us to track donation amounts as we have no other way to see how much ARMY has donated (see our FAQ for a full explanation). Our hashtag for the month is #SmileWithHoseok and the hashtag for the bonus mission is #HOPEfulSmiles. The minimum donation amount $1.00 CAD (roughly $0.76 USD).

Please note that Taehyung's birthday campaign benefiting Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP) is still going until January 31st. You can find out more about the project and how to donate here.

how to donate


Step 1: Visit the Transforming Faces ARMY donation page

step 2: Donate $1.00 CAD (or more) using your credit card. Canadian ARMY can also donate using a direct deposit from their bank accounts

step 3: Take a screenshot of your donation and watermark with your twitter @. Please make sure donation amount is VISIBLE but strike out any personal information (see example screenshot below)

step 4: Submit this form

step 5: Quote-tweet our pinned tweet or write your own tweet about the campaign using #SmileWithHoseok. Don't forget to check out our Bonus Mission: HOPEful Smiles!

Donating via PayPal is an option on our Canada Helps page, but please note the minimum donation amount is $3 CAD

With A Friend

If you can't afford the minimum donation amount, pair up with an ARMY friend from your country to meet the $1.00 CAD minimum donation amount - then follow steps 1-5 of the individual donation plan! Don't forget to check out our Bonus Mission: HOPEful Smiles!

With A Fanbase

If you can’t find an ARMY friend to donate with, you can try reaching out to a local fanbase to see if they’re willing to run a collection pool for your region/country.


Please be advised that One In An ARMY has no way to monitor donations collected through fanbases; donors do so at their own risk. We recommend you only reach out to a base you trust and ask them to provide you with a screenshot that verifies they donated to the campaign. Please contact us if you made a donation through a fanbase and you have reason to believe the money was not donated to the non-profit.


If you don’t want to take the risk of donating to a third-party, save your money for a future campaign and check out the ways you can get involved without donating by visiting our Bonus Missions page or by completing the February Bonus Mission HOPEful Smiles!

example screenshot

TF donate.jpg

Why transforming faces for hoseok?

Hoseok frequently calls himself "our hope", but it's more than just a catch-phrase to make ARMY laugh. Hoseok embodies joy. Even on days when he's feeling sad or upset about something, he puts a smile on his face and tries to make the members or ARMY laugh. It's important to him to keep those around him energized and happy, so he makes cheering the members up his personal project.

Children born with cleft lip or cleft palate are given a tough start in life. They often have problems with eating and speaking clearly. Hearing problems, ear infections, and dental problems are other common side effects. Though we wish it weren't so, children and adults living with cleft lip or cleft palate often endure bullying and discrimination.

Hoseok is known for his beautiful, heart-shaped smile, but also for the way he radiates happiness. We figured it was a natural fit to partner with an organization that literally brings smiles to children's faces. Hoseok has given ARMY so many reasons to smile – it's time for ARMY to become the reason for someone else's smile!

About Transforming Faces

"We equip local teams to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care that is accessible for all. Together we are building happier, healthier lives for children and families in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. As you can see, we’re so much more than a smile charity.


In most developing countries, cleft lip and palate care is very limited. Where it does exist, the focus is often on surgery alone. We believe that a child born with cleft lip and palate deserves to be supported every step of the way.

To make this long-term approach possible, Transforming Faces partners with local teams in developing countries. We support these dedicated professionals by providing funding, guidance, innovation and medical training to strengthen their skills and complete the circle of cleft care for children and families.​

We direct 100% of all charitable donations directly towards delivering comprehensive cleft care for children and families, thanks to a private charitable foundation that covers all of TF’s administrative costs."

Visit their website to learn more about this great organization!

Our Impact

  • $11.00 will fund a speech therapy session

  • $35.00 will fund a dental appointment

  • $45.00 will fund a counselling session

  • $395.00 will fund complete treatment for one child


*Please note prices are in Canadian dollars​

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