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ARMY Share The Warmth

ARMY! Interested in a winter project? How would you like to help the homeless while at the same time see exactly how far our global giving fandom can reach?


For many of us heading into winter, we're looking at several months of cold and snow ahead. And for people who are homeless, this is the time they need help the most!




How many shelters and aid organizations do you think we can collectively reach this winter with donations of warm items for the homeless? What if we could track it and see our impact in real time?


We think we can do this! Here's how


1. Contact any local shelter & ask if they need warm item donations.

2. Donate whatever items you can - even if it's as small as a hat or some socks. Every little bit helps someone!

3. Include this letter with your donation

4. Share with the hashtag #ARMYShareTheWarmth & encourage ARMYs everywhere to do it too!


The letter asks the recipients of the donation to check in on social media where it was received. If they choose to do so, we'll be able to follow the hashtag and see where ARMYs have made an impact for people in need around the world! This is something you can do on your own, with friends and family, or with fellow local ARMYs! Just include the letter, and let's see if we can see how far this project can go!


No snow? No problem!


We realize not everyone is having cold weather and some places don't have homeless shelters. You can still participate! Feel free to be creative - share the warmth by donating something to an elderly home, orphanage, or even animal shelter. If you're not in a cold climate, contact the orgs and find out if there's anything they DO need! We can do this, ARMYs!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, via email, or in our Curious Cat. Many of your questions might have already been answered in this thread!

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