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AnpanARMY Love Yourself Tour

One In An ARMY recently introduced #AnpanARMY day as a new positive monthly tradition for ARMYs. After being inspired by a fellow ARMY who made care packages for the homeless, we wanted to extend it to the Love Yourself Tour as well. As the tour commences, that means there will be large quantities of ARMYs all gathered together at the same time in several cities around the world. We want the world to know that when BTS comes to a city, good things happen for the people there, because of ARMY and the inspiration to do good, that BTS has given us.


We put out an interest check on twitter for people who wanted to join the efforts, and invited all to join our discord to come up with a game plan. Over 50 people came together to start planning the efforts and what came out of it was 3 simple tasks that could be performed at each tour stop.

Please use #AnpanARMYxLYTour and #AnpanARMYx(City) ex: #AnpanARMYxNewark, #AnpanARMYxParis to tweet about it.

The Tasks

1) Cleanup at the venue

OUTSIDE the venue before each concert starts, ARMYs can get together and clean up the remains of their hours of waiting to keep a nice, clean environment. Let's be conscious and not leave our waste behind!


2) Blanket Donation Box

It may be cold and uncomfortable to wait for hours in line, so OIAA suggests you to bring blankets to sit on/cover yourself. Once you're finished waiting in line, you can donate them to our Blanket Box without having to worry about how to discard them! We will collect & donate them to a local shelter.

3) AnpanARMY Notes

ARMY Volunteers will be handing out small notes in the shape of flowers or folded as origami flowers with words of encouragement, thanks for their hard work and dedication, or simply a nice quote to the staff at the venue to show our appreciation to them. They will be handed out to ARMYs as well if possible!

Tour stops

This list will be updated as contact people and tasks are confirmed. Want to lead or help out with the efforts? Join our discord or Facebook group!


Contact: 16th Larissa , Vivie || 17th Maria

Tasks to be performed

  • Food drive

  • AnpanARMY notes


Contact: Elisabeth

Tasks to be performed

  • Food & Blanket drive (not confirmed)

  • AnpanARMY notes



Tasks to be performed

Want to know more or join the efforts? Click here for an invitation to discord.

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