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One of the most common questions One In An ARMY receives is: how can I help if I can't donate money? The simple answer is: just share our campaign posts! Even if you can't donate, every retweet and share is incredibly valuable. You might not be able to donate, but maybe one of your followers or family members can. Everyone who shares should consider themselves a participant in the campaign!

But there are some ARMY who want to go above and beyond. The One In An ARMY team put our thinking caps on and came up with a proposal: #AnpanARMY. Named by ARMY, #AnpanARMY is a monthly tradition where we celebrate the ideals of BTS and the giving spirit of ARMY.

On the 17th of every month (KST), ARMY will come together and celebrate any acts of kindness they've done during the month using #AnpanARMY. This can be anything you've done to help make the world a better place: saying something kind to someone, feeding a stray animal, volunteering somewhere, helping someone perform a task, etc. You can share your experience through pictures, stories, videos, any way you want – the choice is yours!

We believe the kind hearts and good spirits of ARMY should be celebrated – not just once, but every month! Our timelines tend to fixate on negative issues, and it's easy to forget that ARMY is a massive fandom – which means sometimes the positive things get lost in the shuffle. The negativity comes and goes, but as our fandom goes through growing pains, it's important to remember that ARMYs are an incredibly diverse group of people brought together by a shared love for seven Korean men fighting to make the world a better place through music. Let's come together and demonstrate what a wonderful family ARMY has become and will always be, thanks to the inspiration of our boys and the drive ARMY has to do good!

Check out our Twitter thread for a crash course on how to participate in the #AnpanARMY campaign!

You can also visit our AnpanARMY Love Yourself Tour thread to find out more about the projects run in conjuncture with the North American and European tour stops or check out this video by MTV News to see what ARMY did at Citifield!

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